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Top 10 Photography

According to Ansel Adams – “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs”

However, there are certain guidelines you can follow that will help you improve your digital image. Don’t forget the key to photography is to tell the story in one image, whether it is leading the viewer’s eye through the image or highlighting the areas of significance or drawing their attention to the surroundings.

Below is a list of the top 10 photography composition methods that will help improve your digital photography:


Imagine that your image is divided into nine equal parts by four lines both running vertically and horizontally, the rule of thirds suggests that you should position your key subjects on these lines or at the points of intersection.composition methods

This will allow you to capture an interesting perspective that allows both balance and definition.

Make sure to practice this method in multiple situations both landscape and portrait, so that it becomes clear to you what works and what doesn’t.


When we look at a photograph our eye creates a visual path through an image that leads to a point of interest, the subject or simply from foreground to background, there are many lines that can take our eyes on a journey, for example, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and straight lines.

top 10 photography

Notice how the path leads your eye from foreground to background to the tree that sits patiently on the hill.


Placing your main subject askew, as with the rule of thirds, develops a more intriguing perspective, but it can leave sections of your image feeling isolated or blank. You should balance the weight of your subject by including another object of lesser importance to fill the 10 photography

Notice how the subject of interest is positioned to the left-hand side of the image, making room for the subjects with less importance (the blurred-out group of people) the image without these people would, therefore, be less interesting and have a much more isolated mood and effect on the image.


Before photographing your subject or environment, take a time to think about the point of view you will capture it from. Our viewpoint has a massive impact on the viewers perceptive of the image and the overall composition of the image, and as a result, it can considerably affect the message that

top 10 photography

the image conveys. Consider shooting below, above, eye level, far away or close.

Notice that if this image was taken standing up vertically it would have an overall different atmosphere and feeling to the image.


The background has a massive impact on the environment and appearance of an image setting, you don’t want the background to conflict with the subject in focus, a busy background can often distract from what could have been a terrific photograph. Most of the time keeping your background simple can work a treat! Always have a look around before you shoot your subject and pick the

composition methods

background that you think best enhances the image you are trying to portray.

Notice how the background adds to the image and does not lead your eye away from the subject in focus.


To create depth to an Image you must include an object at varying distances, the foreground, middle ground, and the background. There are multiple techniques for achieving depth, overlapping, blur and distance. To fully understand the depth of

top 10 photography

field in detail you will have to understand aperture (the focal length of your lens). I will talk more about this on my blogs to come.

Notice how the objects in the background are out of focus thus adding depth to the image.


To frame your image, you are essentially constructing the surroundings of your image, you can do this is several ways, for example framing your image with trees, windows, entrances, arches, and openings. It is not always essential but in

top 10 photography

some situations, it can make your image so much stronger.


Notice how the circular window draws your attention to the subject.


This Image pretty much speaks for itself, anything that plays with the eye can be interesting, natural arrangement, bends, symmetry, mirrored images, swirls and spirals can make for an interesting

composition methods

composition and can be very pleasing to the eye.

Notice how the image is symmetrical and leads your eye to the centre of the image. The viewpoint is also very intriguing.


Sometimes you will take an Image and the subject may appear too far away or just lost in the scene, cropping with the rule of thirds in mind, can often give your photo more impact and may

allow you to capture the viewers’ attention.

top 10 photography

Notice how the barley and hand has a really

powerful effect because it has been cropped down and all your focus remains on the subject.


In some occasions, you will be forced to break the rules of composition simply because you like the look of the image or it’s completely unique. Don’t feel restricted when taking a photo. Sometimes your creativity can overrule the guidelines that are in 10 photography

Notice how this image does not feel like it as planned, yet it has a great impact on the viewer.

The composition is quite simple when it is broken up into segments like this, not all guidelines will suit your image, so if it doesn’t work move on to something else that may have more impact when viewing the photo.

I hope this article has enlightened you on the top 10 guidelines I use to compose my images. My latest image can be found on Facebook where,

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