Technology and Human Envision (The Seventh Sense)

Technology and Human Envision.

Technology and Human Envision (The Seventh Sense)

Humans are known to have six senses. These senses include: touching, hearing, smelling, seeing, tasting and balance. However, I believe there is a “seventh sense” Imagination.

Imagination is the forming of innovative ideas, concepts and theories that are developed from our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Without the ability to use our imagination we would be absent-minded. Without Imagination humans would be unable to be creative, unable to design, develop products, process information and develop an understanding of a topic.

The human imagination is an incredible process it has inspired people to generate phenomenal ideas concepts and theories. Nothing can compare to the power of the human imagination, it is our imagination that allows us to think beyond and ahead of existence.


Ontological designing is a theory and discipline that humans are applied to different territories. Technology and Human EnvisonThese territories consist of ourselves, tools, artefacts, technology, processes, structures, systems and culture. The three stages of Ontological Design:

1. Humans started to create, build and design weaponry and tools in the Stone Age. These utilities helped the human race to survive. This process started to shape our brain which allowed humans to think rationally about situations.

2. Humans started to develop much greater objectives, infrastructure was built and agricultural farming began. We used the ability of our mind to develop thoughts, express ideas, and involve ourselves in social activities.

3. We are currently in the third stage where humans are creating technology that is changing the future. Technology is now the main source of change, over the last number of years everything that humans have created has modernized the world, for example, mobile phones are now touch screen, you can contact anyone in the world with the touch of your screen. This is making communication instant. In theory, we could arrange to meet anyone in the world in under 24 hours. Technology has expanded the development of transportation, aviation is a now huge development in human technology. Now driverless cars are about to hit the market. Technology has been changing rapidly in every field imaginable and the power of technology is inevitable.

Nevertheless, there is still room for more digital creations. It begs the question just how far will technology go?

While it might seem we are reaching our potential in technology, it still continues to develop greater. Only two decades ago, personal computers were small enough and affordable enough for families to buy them for home use. Since then, technology has not slowed down and nearly every device available today is tied to computer technology. Technology is still so far the way forward and we will never know until it actually happens how far it will go. It is exceeding our limits all the time. These creations will continue to change us. Anne-Marie Willis stated, “We design our world while our world acts back on us and designs us”.


We are part of the system that humans and technology have created, the internet is a huge example of this if we want to know something that we don’t have knowledge or information about, we “Google it”.
Social Media is also another example of the use of technology in our everyday lives. Roughly more than 500 million people use Facebook and over 232 million people use Twitter, more than 70 percent of the world has access to the internet or has used it for some period of time.

Simply we can’t avoid technology and to some extent, our knowledge is beginning to rely on technology. The Internet is simply overloaded with information. Just to think one human’s imagination kicked it off it now holds is quite

Technology and Human Envision

spectacular. The internet is essentially billions of people’s knowledge, experiences, theories and thoughts online.

The moments that we have as humans are becoming the technologies moment, the best example of this is thousands of people at a concert watching and recording the performance on their own mobile devices for other peoples satisfaction and their ego, instead of experiencing it for themselves.

Humans are beginning to have systematic reactions to technology. Every one of us seems to automatically reach for our phones when they alarm us or notify us, this shows that we have created a technology that is beginning to control us. Putting it bluntly is almost becoming a natural human reaction, for example, going to the toilet. Let’s say your bladder is full there is no conscious decision made you just simply need to empty just like you simply need to pick up your phone. Technology is becoming part of us. I am not a hundred percent whether it is a good thing or a bad thing but we as humans created it and we this means we should be able to control it.

Just how long will our human’s imaginations and conscious decisions last? Before we completely rely on the technological masterminds that we created (Technology and the internet). Simon Mainwaring stated that “Technology is teaching us to be human again.”

What are your thoughts, where do you think we will end up with technology? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you to Jason Silva for inspiring this blog post – Actualizing The Human Imagination

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