3 Bucks Left: Stephen Kelly, Dublin to Mayo

3 Bucks Left: My Journey with Stephen Kelly's Beaumont Hospital Run (2019)

Introduction: In 2019, Stephen Kelly, a comedian and TV personality known for his role in the Hardy Bucks, embarked on a remarkable 240km journey from Beaumont Hospital to Mayo. But this wasn’t just any run; it was a run that symbolised life, determination, and the power of community. In this blog post, I want to share my incredible experience of working with Stephen Kelly and “3 Bucks Left” during this inspirational run, which not only tested physical limits but also touched the hearts of many.

The Run That Inspired It All: Stephen Kelly’s decision to run from Beaumont Hospital to Mayo was deeply personal. It stemmed from his near-death experience in 2016, a moment that reshaped his perspective on life and inspired him to take on this extraordinary challenge. As a video content creator and photographer, I was fortunate enough to become involved with this project during the time of my business, Takes2Media.

The Birth of “3 Bucks Left”: During the run, a unique camaraderie among Stephen Kelly and his fellow comedians and lifelong friends, Frenchtoast (Peter Cassidy) and Michael Salmon, was strengthened. This collaboration went beyond simply organizing charity runs and fundraising; it ignited their passion to return to the stage for live shows, and we also partnered with them in this endeavour, achieving a great turnout for their live gigs, where we also got to collaborate with the likes of Owen Colgan, Martin Maloney, Darren Conway, Farmer Michael, and Fred Cooke. The journey created strong friendships, ones that would last a lifetime. My business partner, Steve Roche, and I managed marketing, promotion, and planning. I also took on the role of capturing video content and photography.

Contribution to Beaumont Hospital: One of the most rewarding aspects of this journey was the opportunity to contribute to the funds raised for Beaumont Hospital. Together with the collective efforts of the entire team, we raised an astounding 10,000 euros. The run was not only successful but also an amazing achievement, showcasing the incredible things that can be accomplished when people come together for a meaningful cause.

Media Coverage and National Radio (2019): As we documented Stephen Kelly’s run, we realized that this story deserved to be heard by a wider audience. I reached out to national and local radio stations, pitching the news story to them. The response was overwhelming, and the run was featured on IRadio, JOE.ie, Midwest, Independent.ie, and many other media platforms. It was heart warming to see how the community, social media, national, and local media rallied behind this remarkable journey.

Running Alongside the Bucks: As someone who hadn’t done much running in my life, I found myself inspired by the Bucks’ determination. I put down my camera and joined them for a 19-kilometer stretch. It was an experience, one that pushed me to realize the extent of what can be achieved with the right mindset and support. It taught me that when you surround yourself with the right people, you can overcome any obstacle.

The 2019 run from Beaumont Hospital to Mayo led by Stephen Kelly and “3 Bucks Left” was not just a physical feat; it was a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. It showed that with determination, a sense of purpose, and the support of a community, you can overcome any obstacle and make a meaningful and engaging impact.

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I wanted to keep a promise to Beaumont the day I left. I envisaged running from Dublin with the sun cracking the stones with the closest people behind me, today was even better!
Stephen Kelly (Cowboy)
3 Bucks Left

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3 Bucks Left: Stephen Kelly, Dublin to Mayo
3 Bucks Left: Stephen Kelly, Dublin to Mayo